Sony Ericsson Walkman A Series Should Be Released By 31st July

Written by  Robert Moses
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Sony Walkman A Series

Sony Walkman A Series

Sony Walkman has always been a legendary name as far as personal music players is concerned. The company has recently been known to expand their name yet again with the future release of the Sony Walkman A Series. The new piece of music technology looks very different from its predecessors It has a single indented home button in the front as well as a headphone jack at the bottom of it. The entire device looks more like a smartphone than anything else with a huge touchscreen taking up more space than anything else. At the back, on the top is the signature Walkman “W” logo with a smaller one at the bottom of it and a reset button as well.

According to sources who are familiar with the production of the device, the screen is a relatively large 3.4 inch OLED touchscreen. According to the list of the technical specifications of the device, two of its features will be “wireless file sharing” as well as “wireless music streaming”. The device may not be equipped with Wi-Fi but will most definitely include Bluetooth.

Other characteristics of the Walkman A Series will be:

1) iTunes sync

2) Lyric display for songs

3) FM Radio

4) Karaoke mode.

The physical controls will mostly include navigation buttons such as a volume control and a hold button that will all be mounted on an aluminum chassis. There will be four models of the device namely an 8 GB model along with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models as well. The model should be released by 31st July, 2011.

Via slashgear


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