MacBook Air Vs. Acer Ultrabook

Written by  Robert Moses
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MacBook Air Vs. Acer Ultrabook, Intel recently released the specifications of its new “Ultrabook”, however a lot of Mac owners weren’t too impressed as it resembled the Mac Book a little too similarly. This is because it boasts of a “new” razor thin design as well as an instant on from sleep along with an extraordinarily long battery life. As good as these specifications might sound, there’s nothing that makes it a copy cat of the MacBook Air which was released last fall and is still managing to find its way into more and more executives’ hands.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Acer Ultrabook

Acer Ultrabook

The Ultrabook is most definitely much faster than most other books as it has Core i5 and i7 processors which are way ahead of the MacBook’s Core 2 Duo Processors. It also has a support for lightning fast internet connections.

Acer has plans of putting the Ultrabook up on shelves by this year, most probably sometime at the end of this year. However they might have a tight competitor again – Apple. Rumors are that Apple will be releasing an upgrade to the MacBook Air and which will see it using Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 processors as well as Thunderbolt connectivity.

However, Apple products have always been a much pricier option. So in that aspect the upgrade to the MacBook Air may not sell as much as the Acer Ultrabook. So as long as Apple do not raise the price of their upgrade on the MacBook Air, It is safe to say that the upgrade will be the attractive eye catcher for almost all executives on the go. Just like the previous MacBooks.

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