Innovative Minimalist 3-in-1 Lens Design for iPhone 4

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Innovative Minimalist 3-in-1 Lens Design for iPhone 4

Do you own an iPhone 4? There is no lack of accessories for any Apple product and this one is no different.  Olloclip has come out with an add on lens for the iPhone 4 that will give you 3 additional lenses, a fisheye, a macro, and wide-angle. Simply slip the device over the edge of your phone where the camera is located of course and away you go.


It almost looks like you can use one side as a viewfinder but that’s really just 2 of the 3 lenses.  So there is a fish-eye lens on one side, flip the Olloclip over to the firing side of your camera and you’ll have the Wide-angle. Screw off the wide-angle lens, you’ll find the Macro-lens.  The Olloclip fits snugBuilt from anodized aircraft aluminum and precision ground glass multi-element optics for the lenses.  You can tilt the lens slightly on the firing side and it fits in your pocket. Seems uncomfortable at the least to have it on your iPhone 4 full time.  It’s a snug fit and easy to use.

There has been reports of some oddities with regard to using this device in video mode with the fisheye or wide-angle lenses, they will yield different results in perspective of your images from still shots of the same respective lens, not that this would be any major issue.  The Macro-lens seem to give great results and the fisheye the wow factor as Olloclip puts it. The fisheye can create 180 degree field-of-view and the macro up to 10x.

Unfortunately you cannot use this with any type of case on your iPhone 4, you’ll need to shed the case or run the phone naked, eeeek! But iPhone uses gorilla glass, according to apple this aluminosilicate glass is chemically treated to be 20x stiffer and 30x harder then plastic and more scratch resistant than ever.

The price tag is $69.95 and $129.00 for a pair of them, a bit overpriced but what “Mini” item isn’t.

It comes with:
Olloclip 3-in-1 lens
A cap for both sides
Microfiber lens cleaning cloth that doubles as a baggy
A users guide
Product cards
Available with Black or Red barrels

– Fisheye, Macro, Wide-Angle
– Fits in your pocket
– Works with all your Favorite Apps
– On and Off the iPhone 4 in seconds
– Doesn’t require a special case or adapter
– Your imagination is the only limitation
– US and Foreign Patents Pending
– olloclip(TM)


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