Improve Your Health with a Jawbone Up Smartbracelet

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Improve Your Health with a Jawbone Up Smartbracelet

I guess Jawbone doesn’t remember that they are a Wireless, Bluetooth headset and speaker company. But that didn’t stop them from releasing this smart bracelet. Yep, you heard right. Jawbone on Wednesday unveiled a trendy looking bracelet that does more then just look goofy, it will track your body’s your movement, sleep patterns and eating habits. The app that accompanies this device will analyze that info and spit back suggestions on how to better your health. But lets face it, if your lazy or fat, oops overweight, I don’t think you need a device and app to tell you get get off your fat ass and exercise more and eat less.


The Up was designed by Yves Behar’s Fuseproject, software developed by Jeremiah Robison Jawbone’s CTO, and the sensors designed by Philipee Kahn CEO of Fullpower Technologies. Similar to Nike‘s iPod Sport Kit, or Fitbit offer bio feedback about the person’s workout, Jawbone aims to provide a seamless comfortable design that a person can wear 24/7 for a more complete report of the person.

No price has been announced yet and Jawbone says that the Up device will be available by Winter 2011

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