E6 Offers Us The Latest Symbian From Nokia, OS Anna

Written by  Robert Moses
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QWERTY messaging phones are usually associated with Blackberry. However, there are quite a few Nokia mobile phone fans who like to maintain the merits of the Finnish Company’s Keyboard blessed candybars in high regard. In the past we saw that the E72 did not capture as many hearts as the E71 did. However the newest offering from Nokia, the E6 offers us the latest symbian from Nokia, OS Anna.

Nokia E6

Nokia E6

The downer to this phone is that, Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop said that the Symbian on this phone, Anna would eventually be phased out and that they would introduce Microsoft Windows as the main Operating System. Our point is since Nokia is so sure about phasing out Anna, why release a phone with it if you’re not going to upgrade it? They put forward the same disastrous method on the Nokia N9 where they used MeeGo and again said nothing about whether upcoming phones would have upgrades on it or not.

Apart from the blunders that the guys at Nokia have been making, let’s check out the E6. The E6 comes with its primary operating system being “Anna”. It brings along a boosted browser, a refined UI, streamlined Nokia maps, as well as a variety of enterprise focused tweaks.

In our opinion, Nokia is just using the E6 as a way of getting back a strong foothold in the highly competitive market of smartphones. We’re sorry about all the negativity about Nokia phones, but Nokia was held in high regard as far as mobile phones were concerned and now it seems like they’re only interested in maintaining a prominent position in the market until the Windows OS becomes a permanent part of Nokia.

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