BMW M3 DTM, M Series Concept Car

Written by  Robert Moses
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The BMW M3 DTM, M Series Concept Car, is one of the fourth generation of sporty cars that uses the most impressive technology that the BMW M series has to offer. Since autumn of last year, BMW Motorsport has been developing the DTM version of the BMW M series model. Standard components have become compulsory according to the new DTM regulations.


BMW-M3-DTM 2012

This is only to ensure that production costs of the vehicle will remain low as compared to their other top Motorsport categories. Despite the stipulation of cost cutting procedures, engineers have been able to apply their technical know how to the resources that have been placed at their disposal by the BMW company.

The result of this narrow lined work is a spectacular piece of art. This racing car is bound to blow the minds of DTM fans since the car is equipped with a powerful V8 engine with an air restrictor, can generate up to 480 bhp. The car can move from 0-100 mph in about three seconds and also flaunts a high speed of 300 mph.

Dr. Klaus Draeger is a member of the board of management responsible for the development of the BMW M3 DTM Concept Car, who unveiled the car at Double Cone Building at Munich’s BMW Welt. This is part of the DTM event in the Olympic stadium. BMW also presented at the event its two star drivers who will most definitely be wearing the company colors as of next season. These drivers are Augusto Farfus and Andy Priaulx. Dr. Draeger said that it was good to see that the DTM project picked up speed quite fast. He hopes that the company can pick up production car racing in 2012 where they had left off in the past.

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