Bentley Continental GT Mulliner, A Class of its Own

Written by  Robert Moses
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The specifications package of the Bentley Mulliner is nothing new to the Bentley Company, but there are still quite a few features that separate it from other classy cars that are out there. This particular model is characterized by its uniquely restyled front bumper lower splitter.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

It also has strakes that are conveniently adjusted into the front intake grilles, a rear diffuser and side extension blades. All these are created from carbon fiber for those who truly appreciate the high quality of carbon fiber fittings. In addition to this, one can also opt for the carbon fiber door mirror cowls, rear spoiler and front wing vent bezels.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

As if there wasn’t enough carbon fiber, The Bentley Mulliner also comes with optional black painted, 21 inch wheels that comprise of alloy.

Designer Raul Pires says “The Mulliner Styling Specification, with its sharper lines and darker, lower appearance subtly underscores the extrovert, flamboyant nature of our new Coupe. It delivers a more personalized, sportive interpretation of a luxurious, refined GT.”

The one reason why the Bentley Mulliner is a unique package is that the Company puts the same car through the same rigorous standards as the rest of their cars. They went as far as to test the Mulliner in V-Max and wind tunnel tests.

After all the additional fitting of the car, the bill one would be paid for getting “Mullinered” would be close to $29,659 – This is on top of the base price of the car which is $189,900 of course.

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