BeBook Live, The Affordable Tablet

Written by  Robert Moses
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The truth about most touch pads today is that we don’t really need one so long as you have laptop. But the demand for tablets is so high that they are just convenient rather than useful. Most tablets are good as ereaders and one of them would be BeBook. The BeBook is an inexpensive affordable  tablet that hails itself as a world class ereader but at the moment is striving at proving itself as an even better multimedia, browsing and gaming gadget of choice.

BeBook Live

BeBook Live

At a paltry 426 grams, it’s too much to expect a full metal body, but it’s plastic body is both flex and creak free. As far as looks go, the BeBook Live is not very fancy. It’s matte black finish is nothing that great, while the 7 inch glossy display is the only thing that looks good about the tablet. Practically all the ports and controls are located along the plastic edge with the lock switch on top. These include the miniUSB and microSD ports as well as the miniHDMI port.

While most of the other tablets have moved onto more upgraded operating systems such as Honeycomb, the BeBook live uses 2.2.1 Froyo which is mainly intended for smartphones more than anything else.

Basically, the specifications of the BeBook Live are somewhat the same as any Froyo phone that you may use. It has a pull down notifications bar as well as five homescreens. However, it lacks the useful toggles or shortcuts that we have seen on many HTC and Samsung tablets.

From our perspective, if you’re really keen on buying a tablet, but just don’t have the cash for buying a better one than this, then by all means go ahead. But if you could hold out for sometime and buy a better one instead, then go for the other since the BeBook, has proven to be an excuse for a tablet and it has disastrous battery life as well.

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