Fashionable All-In-One Laptop Folio By Hard Graft

Written by  Robert Moses
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In the past, I think all of us have come across protective sleeves that aren’t really worth having because the notebooks that they carried always had to be put into some other bag thus defeating the purpose of even having a protective sleeve. We bring you the fashionable All-In-One Laptop Folio by Hard Graft.

Hard Graft All-in-One laptop Folio

Hard Graft All-in-One laptop Folio

Now thanks to the guys at Hard Graft, we don’t have that problem anymore. The Laptop Folio is a bag that can stand up all by its self and is not a floppy, tablet or notebook slipper case. Apart from being a protective casing for your notebook, the Laptop Folio also expands to make way for other things like your moleskins, books, necessary stationery as well as other knick knacks that you might need around the office. Apart from just its utility, we think that the Laptop Folio looks ultra fashionable with its soft wool felt case. Another feature of the bag is that it has an accessories pocket on the side of it. This pocket is perfectly for those little nifty things that you require on the go like a pair of noise reduction in-ear plugs to compliment your iPod, a pen or pencil to fill in those all important documents, or maybe even more. But all said and done, this pricey little bag of Italian cow leather and wool felt makes it really worth buying.

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