Zio Eyewear adds new model

Written by  Robert Moses
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Zio Eyewear have recently added a, new and improved style to their eyewear collection. Zio ensures that ever model that they make seethes of individuality. They also make sure that these models embrace a passionate sense of style. From the crazy color combinations, to the craftily designed contours, to their signatured nose pads, each and every detail has been thought out for the wearer’s comfortability.

If you come to think about it, good designs do not just happen by themselves miraculously. Each and every beautiful design is a deep conglomeration of expertise, research and experience. Zio have always tried to achieve ergonomic and creative bliss.

These glasses are very symmetrically designed, from the design perspective atleast. They have a quiet sense of symmetry as there are linear patterns running across the body. These frames also give off a hint of post modernism with that typical art deco styling. The frames also feature tiered lines which are merged with a swirling acetate pattern at the temple region of the frames.

These glasses have a nice look if you’re out on a formal event or if you’re wearing something to give you that sophisticated feel. They go well with anything and would seem like a good option for those who are permanent glasses wearers. Here are a few of them that I came across. The first one is a black back with a green rim; the second one is a brown back with leopard sides, while the third one is a black back with red rims.

Zio Eyewear Lines-3

Zio Eyewear Lines-2

Zio Eyewear lines-1

If you want to find out more information regarding these particular sets of glasses, you can visit them at their website at zioeyewear.com


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