Xbox 360 Best Gaming Console of the Decade

Written by  Robert Moses
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xbox 360

For many of you hardcore gamers, there have been a lot of debates regarding which gaming company was the best. Initially the debate was between Sega and Nintendo. But once Sega got kicked off the market, the competition to the top has been between Nintendo and Sony. However, nowadays the hunt for the best gaming console is on year in and year out. The race for the top position has been between Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. As far as most gamers are concerned, nothing beats the Xbox 360 and here’s why. Although Nintendo had a high selling rate for its Nintendo Wii, The Xbox 360 still beats its other two contenders in longevity. Its durable and it can deliver more advanced experiences to its gamers. Nintendo’s recent decision to drop the price of its console to $150 was a response to the sluggish demand it has been witnessing over the last several months. On the PlayStation 3 front, the Xbox 360 might have a harder time winning out. After all, the Xbox 360 lacks the Blu-ray drive and its game library is similar. But consider the Microsoft Kinect, which easily bests the PlayStation Move in terms of usability and multiplayer fun, and the Xbox 360 starts to inch its way towards the top. However the trump card lies with Xbox’s online playability. Multiplayer games have sky rocketed with Xbox whereas The Nintendo Wii has been offline for the past couple of months because of personal information being stolen. So as far as playability is concerned from the gamers’ point of view, the Xbox 360 is definitely the best gaming console of the decade and although it may not win in every category, it is still a whole lot better than its competitors. However, this is my own personal point of view as well as some of the reviews I read online about the Xbox 360. Feel free to comment on this if you feel like.


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