A Unique Eyewear Experience L.G.R. RAW Collection Limited Ed

Written by  Robert Moses
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After keeping you in a long awaited suspense, L.G.R. has finally revealed with great enthusiasm their RAW Limited Edition collection.

Raw is combination of a rough, unpolished frame with a sophisticated polarized lens, developed exclusively for L.G.R.  This collection offers the latest techniques in mineral glass production, making for a unique eyewear experience.

The Raw lenses consist of two ultra thin outer crystal layers which encompass a polarized film. The external lens is UV ray protective, and has CET which is color enhancement treatment (it accentuates colors by making them more vivid without being too bright, such as yellow). The internal lens has ten layers of anti-reflex coating which offers the eyes maximum protection from infrared and UV rays. Lastly, the inner and outer lens are oleo and hydrophobic, therefore if any type of water, oil from sweat, make up, etc. find its way onto the lens, then it will simply slide off or can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

The special feature of this limited edition are the “L.G.R  Pola.Neophan” lenses which were specifically developed for L.G.R.  Neophan lenses were invented during WWII for fighter pilots, in order to increase the vision’s perception of color and the contrast of image (color enhancement).

For more information about the L.G.R. collection, please visit online at lgr-sunglasses.com.


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