Travel In Style With These Accessories, SILENT Belt, Rag & Bone Card Holder, Bottega Veneta Travel Wallet

Written by  Robert Moses
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I’ve never been too fond of studs, especially on belts, but I can safely say that I have fallen in love with this one. This new piece from Damir Doma’s secondary line, SILENT has everything on it to get you through the weekend and hopefully get some as well.

As far as coordinating it with clothes is concerned, I think that these would go well with, chinos, denim and tailored pieces. Well the studs look pretty neat since they’re not all around the belt but rather just at the holes where they need to be buckled in.

I’ve noticed that carrying a card holder is a lot less cumbersome than carrying a hefty wallet, especially if I’m going out partying. So I was looking for a decent card holder to buy and came across this brown beauty. It is the Rag & Bone card holder from Balenciaga.

Apart from its neat looks, its utility helps me a lot. ID, ATM cards, name cards, a bit of cash and I’m good to go. I also like the way that its front has been made to look like a tiny folder with the brand logo boldly stamped in front. The brown shade is warm and classic which is amazing for those formal nights. It is also masculine and sleek in a quiet way.

If you’re the extensive traveler who loves to visit new places as frequently as possible, then what better way to do it than with this stylish Bottega Veneta travel wallet. It stores the around-the-world first class boarding card, duty free discount card, credit cards, passport and other essentials. As far as the design goes, I love the classic weave that it fashions. The collapsible handle looks quite cross gendered (but can be well carried off as manly with the right formals). The roomy compartments on the inside seem very accommodating and leaves no room for things to get scrunched up.


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