Top 5 camera apps for iPhones

Written by  Rob Expansys
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The iPhone 4 is a hugely popular device and its built-in, 5-megapixel camera with digital zoom is a wonderfully handy, effective feature. However, the growing hoards of iPhone app developers have pounced on the potential of the iPhone 4 camera and squeezed it to deliver a bit more bang for your buck. The big cheeses at Apple will no doubt be delighted to see the skills of app developers helping the iPhone’s camera to compete with those of rival smartphones like the HTC Sensation.

Apple iPhone 4Here are five of the very best iPhone 4 camera applications on the market, all of which will broaden your iPhone’s capabilities dramatically and have you creating sensational snaps in no time.

The talented app developers at Synthetic clearly took a happy trip down memory lane when coming up with the Hipstamatic application. This cute little app turns your iPhone screen into the back of an old plastic toy camera, complete with a small square viewfinder, a slide to ‘warm up’ the flash and a big yellow button with which to take pictures. The pictures produced by Hipstamatic are 1:1 square images with the real look and feel of an old analogue camera and there are a number of additional lenses, films and flashes available for the app.

Ever wondered how photographers create black and white photographs with just a few features still kept in vivid color? Well, you can now compete with them thanks to the ColorSplash application for iPhone, which allows you to take beautiful black and white photographs and then sweep your finger over the area you wish to restore to full color. The app is marvellously easy to use and available for just a couple of dollars from the App Store.

Darkroom Pro
For an app that comprehensively improves the all-round performance of the iPhone 4’s camera, Darkroom Pro is a great choice. The app includes features that help you to take better photographs in low light conditions, by automatically taking the picture only when your hand is steady. Self-portraits are made easier with Darkroom Pro, which turns the whole iPhone screen into a shutter, so you no longer have to worry about where you’re tapping on your screen when you can’t see it. A built-in timer for group photos also makes Darkroom Pro a handy app to have around at parties and social gatherings.

Similar to Darkroom Pro, CameraGenius aims to take all aspects of the iPhone 4 camera and give them a welcome boost. The app features a DSLR interface with video support to keep you shooting, while the anti-shake features ensures maximum clarity of line in your shots. CameraGenius comes with editing and adjustment tools to add the finishing touches to your pictures before you share them on social networking sites, which can also be done through the app.

CameraBag allows you to adjust existing photos to create interesting new effects, and also to change the way you take new photos. Existing photographs can be cropped, zoomed in on and altered to look like they were taken with a range of different cameras. The ‘1972’ camera effect creates faded tints, while the ‘Lolo’ effect enhances colour and creates almost surreal styles. For just $2.99, you can add some spice and variety into your iPhone shots with CameraBag, without having to carry a bag full of vintage cameras around with you!

written by expansys.com