Tips On How To Quit Smoking, I Feel Better and Food Tastes Better

Written by  Robert Moses
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I was a smoker for quite a few years (twelve, to be exact) and I’m so happy that I’ve finally quit. I feel better, Food tastes better, I am not as lethargic as before, and I can safely say that I think my sperm count increased as well. Here are a few points that I’ve listed down and I hope it helps you too.

1)      Pick a date when you want to quit. Ideally it should be on a day when you’re off from work; so that during the confusion of a working day, you’re subconscious pangs don’t let you absent-mindedly pick up a cigarette. Throw out your cigarettes the night before so that again its not and issue. Pick a day like Saturday so that you’re at home and picking up a cigarette doesn’t really happen.

2)      Another thing you could do is keep a rubber band around your index and middle finger just to remind yourself constantly that you’re trying to quit.

3)      Try to stay focused and alert during the times you compulsively smoke, like with your morning cup of coffee or after meals or just before you slip into bed for the night.

4)      I smoked a lot when I was faced with a stressful situation, so try to do something else. Go out for a jog or sprinting is even better. The more tired you make yourself, the lesser you’ll feel the need to smoke.

5)      I faced a lot of headaches, irritability, clammy hands, and problematic bowel movements during the time when I was trying to quit, but all these pangs aren’t so bad if you keep yourself busy. Try to make work for yourself. Get involved with more work around the house. Rather ordering in food at the end of the day, try cooking something for yourself no matter how tired you might feel.

Well, these are as many tips that I can think of the top of my head right now, give it a try. Most of them helped me and I hope they help you. I know that the worst is when you’re trying to fall off asleep at night. If it gets really bad to the extent where you’re up till three in the morning and you have to wake up by six, then indulge in ONE cigarette. Just so that you can fall asleep but that’s about it, there’s no excuse during the day. In time you’ll learn to cut out your night cigarette as well.


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