Texting At The Movies Yay or Nay

Written by  Robert Moses
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Texting at the Movies Yay or Nay

Trying to text at the movies can be a tricky thing. This is because sometimes you really have to keep in touch with someone at that point of time, but the screw up is that it can be pretty irritating to see a bright LED light from someone’s phone when the only light is coming from the movie screen. So here are some tips regarding text etiquette in the movie theater.

It makes sense if you decide to text during an interval, or before the movie starts. However if you feel that you really need to text while the movie is going on, it would make sense if you put your phone under a bag that ‘s on your lap, or if you could put it under a coat just so that majority of the light doesn’t go around the theater. Another thing that I don’t think I have to mention is the relevance of keeping your phone on silent in the theater. Remember those thick heads whose phones ring right during the climax scene of the movie? Remember how much fun it is when it’s another person and not your phone that rings? You then have the entire cinema theater smacking their tongues against the roofs of their mouths. So please make this a reflex action of yours. Get into the habit of putting your phones on vibrator or silent mode before entering the theater.

Another pointer would be to not text because the movie you’re watching is boring. It would be better if you walk out of the hall then. Nobody likes sitting next to a distracting busy body in the theater.

Well, that’s as much as my brain could compile at this very moment. Please feel free to add more points in the comments section of this article.


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