Tentative Trailer for A New Mortal Kombat Movie

Written by  Robert Moses
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I was online on youtube and I came across what might be considered a tentative trailer for Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. It is another one of the additions that, rumor has it, may be considered a new Mortal Kombat movie. Well this new installment is not a fantasy take of the previous Mortal Kombat movies, but rather a more realistic, urban take on what might occur in the city. The good guys are either renegade cops or vigilantes and the bad guys are deeply psychotic villains whom you’d never want within a good 100 feet of you. It features a lot of corruption in a dark atmosphere that keeps the entire of Deacon City gloomy and how each of the characters must battle each day for their own lives. It looks like there’s a lot of violence and gore in the trailer which I really love in any movie. I hope this does turn out to be a real movie as it already reeks of something different, a different perspective to the story that we know, so that the Mortal Kombat franchise can redeem itself for the last two movies that they made.

In the trailer we see that “Reptile” is not really a half man half reptile beast but rather a complete cannibalistic psychotic who suffers from a rare skin disorder where he starts to grow scales on his skin. Baraka on the other hand was a failed doctor who couldn’t live with the shame of persistently failing at his profession, so he surgically attached pins into his head and put a surgical blade into his arm and all he does now is capture random people off the streets and perform operations on them.

Well, check out this long trailer and see if you want it to become a movie as much as I do. I’m pretty damn sure that you will.


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