Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones can rock your socks

Written by  Robert Moses
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I must say, that the new star wars rebel pilot headphones look pretty damn cool but they’re like Luke Skywalker’s favorite stereo headphones that he didn’t wear in a single movie. But then again I think these headphones were used by his stunt double to catch up on the latest of KISS back then. Yep, these headphones can rock your socks of with their beautiful sound from 40 mm stereo speakers. What’s more is that they come with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack fit that plugs into a majority of MP3 players, palm tops, notebooks, laptops, etc. It also folds up easily for comfortable travel and has a 76 cm. long cord length.

This bitch is styled in orange with clearly noticeable Rebel Insignias, so you know that these headphones don’t just give you an auditory sense of satisfaction but a visual one as well. So as far as the bad boys are concerned you are definitely going to show your middle finger to the Sith Oppression once you’re wearing them. But seriously though the Star Wars Rebel Pilot headphones look bad ass and sound great too. At $29.99, these guys are a steal if you’re like me and are on the perpetual hunt for headphones with sound quality. So buy a set for yourself before Darth Vader threatens to cut off a cute kitten’s head with his light saber.


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