Slick Stylish Sneakers for Flat Feet

Written by  Robert Moses
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I’ve always liked sneaker boots because I have flat feet, so they give me the support I need and because of their chunky look they hide my flat footed nature very well and go well with my big calves. Here are a couple of pairs that I like especially.


Oho….pretty, pretty, pretty. This isn’t a shoe, it’s a boy toy. But on a more serious note, Christian Louboutin has started making some seriously smart sneakers. These chunky man boots have a tough leather exterior, and the leather straps that seem to go all the way around the shoe give it a definitive rocker look. These shoes aren’t as available as you think. They sell out fast , so it would be a good idea that you go out and buy a pair for yourselves now.

Here’s another chunky shoe that is ideal for fat and flat feet. The Raf Simons Lace-Up High Top Leather Trainers seem like another cool casual wear that allows applies a bit of practical knowledge. I love the way the shoelaces work themselves through a large number of holes in the front, but to avoid settling these laces everyday, the sneakers also come with a cool zip at the back so that it’s an easy, slip-in, comfortable fit. It’s ideal for those days when you’re in a rush or just out shoe shopping.

It’s hard to come across something by Dior where you’re going to say that you hate it completely. I’m not implying that he’s a mediocre designer in the least, but that he never fails to impress. Just to show you, check out these new Leather & Velcro Sneakers that have come out. The all-black design is neat and clean while the Velcro strip yet again is good for covering up flat feet. Its neat glossy look also seems easy to maintain. The thick white sole offers a color contrast while providing a touch of height and support that will work well with all seasons of the year and might even help you revamp your look.


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