Comfortable Stylish Canvas Sneakers From Diesel

Written by  Robert Moses
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Diesel has always been known for its worn canvas look as far as sneakers are concerned, which is why we love them so much, Here are a few of them just for you.

exposure low 1

This first one is part of the exposure low 1 collection, Its combination feel between plimsols and sneakers give it a raw casual feel. For one of those days when you just feel like sitting out on the side of the road with a couple of friends and just having a good time.

Diesel Yuk Zip

These Yuk Zip shoes again from Diesel give a very classic look for those who are in the mood of reinventing the old. Imagine wearing these babies with a pair of retro canvas jeans and doing the two step all over town.

Diesel Claw Kings

The Diesel Claw kings are one of those pairs of shoes that make it look as if youíre wearing Eskimo boots. Nonetheless, theyíre still as cool as always and go well with both corduroy pants as well as regular jeans or whateverís casual pants might be lying in your closet.

Well as far as sneakers from Diesel are concerned, these are the few that we could come up with right now. We will definitely keep an eye open about new releases as soon as We hear, You’ll know.

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