Sandals For The Beach This Summer

Written by  Robert Moses
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With this new pair of Christo Sherpa – Folk sandals, Visvim tries its hands at a sort of tribal feel. Along with a detailing in Italian cowhide for comfort, there also features a beautiful woven pattern using Vacchetta leather. This is a wonderful set of sandal craftsmanship from this popular brand.  Keep in style even on the beach, never know where or when a summer romance will arise.


Mastermind JAPAN and Papillio, a sub brand of Birkenstock, have collaborated to create the Barcelona sandal. Crafted from premium black leather, the sandals feature a matching black outer sole, gold or silver buckles, with a coordinating mastermind JAPAN skull & crossbones logo printed on the ankle strap. For men, strappy sandals that aren’t too feminine are usually difficult to find, so I’m glad I stumbled upon these decidedly manly, almost-Birkenstocks without the West Coast hippie stigma. Get a pair at select mastermind JAPAN stockists.


These Huarache sandals show that Urban Outfitters have gone rustic with their look. The design displays a tan color in a woven leather. The woven straps are all embedded within a rubber sole giving the wearer a comfortable fit as well as proper traction.


For those going for a more minimal look, ASOS has these Toe-Loop sandals ready for your consideration. The construction is beautiful in its minimal simplicity – two loops with a stretch of leather to keep the whole thing together, but the bare minimalism of it strikes a satisfying chord. The soles are even embossed with a paisley design for that extra bit of something special. Get your own pair, before hitting the beach this summer.


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