Michael Jackson Samsung S2 Portable Hard Disk

Written by  Robert Moses
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Guess what, Michael Jackson is being sold again. Just not in the form of a gazillion “previously unreleased” albums, but on the back of a Hard Disk. I mean for goodness sake, the poor guy must have turned around in his grave so many times that the decay of his flesh must have been faster than that of most normal dead people. Oh wait, that happened while he was still alive. Ok, I’m sorry that I shouldn’t be speaking about the dead like that. But come on you have to admit that anything that markets Michael Jackson is just trying desperately hard to sell. Despite his death, Michael Jackson is one of the “brands” that is still selling very well. This is quite evident from Music CD sales to his DVD’s and now we also include computer gear.

Well, Samsung has also released a new Hard Disk that is supposed to cater all the fans of the deceased King of Pop. What’s better is that it comes with the entire of his documentary “This Is It”. Like we haven’t had that thrown in our faces enough by cinema theatres that played it over and over again for months on end. Well, getting back to the hard drive itself, the Samsung S2 Portable is characterized by a number of innovations itself. It has auto backup that saves all your data almost instantly. It also allows you to store and encrypt your data on a virtual drive and protection Key to preserve your significant files with a password.

Well it’s not very different from most other Hard Disks, but if you’re a geek who’s in a relationship with another geek, this sounds like a great gift for her assuming that she’s just in love with Michael Jackson after his death.

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