Pre NBA Draft Tailor Made Affair at Tincati

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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On Wednesday, June 22nd TR Luxury and Tincati welcomed The New Draft Class of the NBA. Influencers, tastemakers, Dahntay Jones along with some other NBA and even NFL players showed up at the Tincati store – five level showroom and design – to party at the Tailor Made Affair one day before watching the NBA draft.

The new Tincati showroom opened earlier this year and is the newest member to an established international fashion and design family created by Pietro Tincati now run by heir Antonio Tincati. Tincati Milano’s attention to detail makes all the difference. Whether it’s a mink lining, hand-stitched buttonhole or the use of gold-edge mother of pearl buttons, Tincati Milano clients know how to live every moment with charm and refinement. Check out pictures from the event below.

Photography by Ron Lee for Pinstripe Magazine
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