Origins Eye Cream and AXE Shower Gel

Written by  Robert Moses
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I’m not one to use too many beauty creams, but I’ve had a lot of my lady friends tell me that I have wrinkles around my eyes. WTF? Anyways my recent paranoia regarding this issue has led me to write this article for you guys, so I tried to look for some useful stuff for my face and here are a few creams I thought maybe helpful for you as well.


Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Eye Serum

Well, the skin around your eyes is most probably the most sensitive skin on your face. This is because it is the thinnest skin on your face and can easily be affected by dirt, direct sunlight and even stress. Therefore, I suggest that the Plantidote Mega Mushroom Eye serum should definitely be part of your regimen, it will help you look and feel younger.

Well, my main issue regarding using this was that I have a very busy schedule from morning to evening and dark spots have begun to form around my eyes. The thing about this cream is that it doesn’t sting. In fact, its pretty soothing and relaxing, and the smell is freshly organic which already relaxes you. I’ve been using the cream for around a month and a half now but I can definitely see my dark spots being less visible.


AXE Excite Revitalizing Shower Gel

I’ve always been quite fond of anything from AXE. Be it from their deodorants to their soaps or their shower gels. I’ve been using the green bottle from AXE (don’t know what it’s called) every time I shower. But I found this new shower gel online and ran out and bought it. The new Axe Excite has a new deep and fresh aroma that just gets you breathing ever so deeply every time you have a shower. Heck sometimes I even forget to shower because I’m sniffing the bottle. But the fresh scent is only evident when you have a warm water bath. Give a try, I’m sure you might like it if you’re not too keen on AXE’s heavier, spicier shower gels. Spice up your shower experience.


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