Nintendo Wii U Remote A Full Touch Screen Controller

Written by  Robert Moses
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Nintendo has done it again. It has just released its new controller called the Nintendo Wii U. It’s got a full touch screen controller that looks almost like a stretched out, tabletized DS with twin analog sticks and full motion controls.

What does this bad boy come with you ask? The controller’s got a 6.2 inch touch screen, a d-pad, twin analog sticks, a front-facing camera, four shoulder buttons, accelerometers, vibration motors, and a mic. It’s backward compatible with the original Wii and Wii accessories, like Wii Fit.

At the Nintendo convention, it was shown doing some serious stuff. Attached to a gun, it was acting like a sight (kind of like Silent Scope). In another demo, when it was held portrait style, the player can act like he’s throwing shurikens, or if it is held up, it can be used to protect the player from arrows. You can basically play an entirely different game on the touch controller than everybody else is playing on the big screen. Or use it for another view of what’s happening up on your TV. The possibilities do seem limitless. Multiplayer with Wiimotes is interesting—in one example, the touch screen remote has a top-down view of the gaming, while everybody else plays normally with Wiimotes.

It also does video chat, it’s web browser, and it mirrors photos/videos up on the TV. Nintendo’s being careful to say the controller is not a portable gaming machine. All the images come from the Wii U, wirelessly transmitted.

The games that are on the screen look like the sort of stuff you’d find on the Xbox 360. Well, that’s just to give you an idea behind what power lurks within the Wii U.


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