Timeless Elegance of Vintage Watches, Collection by MARCH LA.B

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MARCH LA.B watches fuse the contemporary mood of Los Angeles and the traditional appeal of Biarritz, France. Striking a balance between modern LA trends and French heritage detailing, the brand’s designs embody opposite yet complimentary aesthetics, from French Art Deco, Californian muscle cars, and Neo-Classical detailing to mid-century architectural simplicity. Appealing to both genders, MARCH LA.B’s Swiss-made timepieces are perfect for the sartorialist man, offering a duality of form and function.

MARCH LA.B is a tribute to the timeless elegance of vintage watches. The brand designs classic styles that transmit to future generations, these timeless styles follow the example set by the most exceptional watches of the past. Those are, minimal and elegant, lower profile watches with balanced proportions complimentary to the style of today’s urban dandy. And while the brand has drawn its source of inspiration from nostalgia and the past, MARCH LA.B has certainly not ignored the avant-garde techniques perfected over the years in watch making. Their skillful combination of retro and contemporary bears all the hallmarks of neo-classicism.

Of course this understated aestheticism is accomplished in the most prestigious timepiece and leather factories of the world. The crafting of the movements, water resistant cases, and watch assembly all occur in Switzerland. The exotic straps are made in France and feature green lining in accordance with the brand’s color motif. In characteristic attention to detail, the 3rd day of every month also features a green numeral #3. As such, MARCH LA.B fulfills every expected criterion for quality. While MARCH LA.B does not want to assume the title of clock maker, which is a vital component of watch making, the line still demonstrates the ability to create perfect movements that integrate with the watch design.

Retail price points range from $795/$1250 for quartz and $2295/ $2395 for automatic styles.

Tell us which watch above is your favorite:
Automatic- 40MM AM Series in Black Lizard Leather
JC Silver Stingray
JC Black Stingray Lizard
Shelby Black Leather

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