Magnanni Shoes Are Fine For Any Occasion

Written by  Eileen Marie
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Magnanni Brown Cognac

Polished, quality leather shoes are not meant to be taken for granted as part of your wardrobe. The Magnannis in cognac brown above are sharp and a great alternative to black.

Magnannis are “fine shoes” as stated by a gentleman that deemed them as his shoe of choice. I was compelled to highlight these classic men’s shoes after hearing a man speak of them as being so comfortable not once but twice! Ladies are actually a tad bit impressed if a man has good taste in shoes and knows how to wear them. Well when a man offers me a martini and has a shared affinity to the Nordstrom shoe department, I will admit that my attention was taken even if merely intrigued. The Romas below are one of their newest styles in the collection and are suitable for business or a more formal occasion.

Men likely won’t deny that the shoes a woman wears will capture their attention as she crosses their path, causing them to turn around and take a second glance and watch her walk the other direction. Yes. We know you are looking! As a woman I will say that there are many features that can grab everyone’s attention; sometimes just a pair of dark eyes or a head of hair that we can imagine running our fingers through but I will confess that a handsome man sporting a pair of sharp shoes in a Pinstripe suit can be absolutely sexy! Unsurprisingly my initial inspiration to feature Magnannis was sparked by a random moment in which I saw a rather good looking man wearing the Medinas in a striking cognac brown shown below. Yes, while dressed well, and easy on the eyes, my eyes gravitated toward his perfectly shined shoes and I could not leave without asking what he was wearing.


Quality leather being essential to a fine shoe of course, Magnannis are handcrafted in Spain using the unique Bologna construction method. The foot is wrapped in 360 degrees of leather, making the shoes flexible and a so-called “glove for your feet”. I don’t think you can go wrong with Magananni’s for a sophisticated versatile shoe that you can wear from day to night. Women may even turn heads! Not that you need the shoes for that but hey it doesn’t hurt!

Contributing Writer: Fabulous Soles


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