Fashionable Eye Gear for Men to Beat the Sun

Written by  Robert Moses
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We all know that summer is all about freshening up and looking cool, and these Paciotti 4 US aviators do all that and more. These aviators follow those classic silhouette looks that have a cool ice blue detail and keyhole cutout at the bridge. Imagine these being worn at a tropical holiday or in the Caribbean. So if you’re out on a holiday, don’t forget to take these bad boys with you.


These new ones are a classic take on the futuristic Super W rectangular glasses with this new black and briar variation. Featuring black lenses & frames, the gold tone hinges and brown briar wood panels with logo detail at earpieces create an interesting mix between futuristic shape and luxurious coloring. Available now through SSense

There is something in the air about making oneself look like a geek that is so incredibly hot. Now the figure head at Oliver Goldsmith, CG delivers another hit with these stock looking everyman specs. Granted, times have changed and the heavy dark frame of the non stylish has become the image of the ultra stylish.

Nevertheless, the Haley seems to capture both fashion and function with an effortless balance. With no visible logo on these oversized models, the CG Legacy Healy perfectly walks the line between grand dad humorous and Asian chic.

For those of you who know that you’re sexier as the more daring sort, I came across these Leigh Hendrik Cosentino Glasses today and had to get them up. Straight out of TRON, these ultra futuristic frames, are beyond striking. You would be hard pressed to walk around for five minutes without someone commenting on them. With a light blue lens and very minimal design, these sort of remind us of what they thought the future would look like in the 1980s. File these with flying cars and meals in a pill form.


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