Evolution Of Gaming Consoles In The Last Decade

Written by  Robert Moses
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Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Nintendo Wii

If you’re a gaming buff as much as I am, you can then definitely see the sinfully beautiful changes that have come about even since the Xbox 360 was launched six years ago in the fall of 2005. This model was followed by its equally powerful minions such as the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3.


I think the best part about these three consoles in particular was the fact that they were pretty damn hardy (trust me, in my house they have gone through the “drunken friends playing GTA” test). So I Think we all need to stop and admire the fact that gaming consoles of this type have gone through a considerable number of changes in the current generation. High definition graphics have become all the rage, and over the years we have seen improvement after improvement especially on the latest playstation 3.

We see a lot of the peripherals that have also evolved over the years. I remember buying my first Nintendo Wii (I think it was in 2006) for around $250. Sure it lacked any sort of HD support but man did I love that thing. Around the same time, the playstation 3 had come out as well and that was a good $600. The only problem with this console was that it primarily dealt with Blu-ray discs during a time when the glitches of these discs weren’t completely figured out.

2009 saw the dawn of the playstation 3 slim which again was approximately between 300 to 400 bucks. It seemed like a stripped down version of the original playstation but it still offered the same utility at a much cheaper price. It also came at a time when blu-ray discs were a lot more compatible with “human interfacing” and the layman did not have too much difficulty in getting addicted to it.

Then in 2011, Nintendo released a new and improved Nintendo Wii at a cool $150 for the Mario Kart Bundle. The problem with this is that it still lacks standard features that are definitely there on other consoles such as HD support and DVD movie playback. Nintendo hopes to launch a 2012 model to the Wii that will well compensate for these shortcomings and more.

Wii Multi Color


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