Bringing Back The 80s How Old Is Too Old

Written by  Robert Moses
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I’ve always had a policy of “out with the old, and in with the new”, but there’s something so cool about these Nike sneakers that I just can’t think of running out and buying a pair of my own. Well this is the new Vintage Skyforce 88 from Nike. As far as sneakers are concerned, Nike has always been third on my list, my first being Adidas and then Converse. But with shoes like these ones, I’m going to have to reassess my priorities. Constructed from either red or grey suede, the classic basketball shoe also features the “Sky Force” tag on the tongue.


I’ve always liked the look that Plimsols have had. They make the wearer look like a beach tourist or a sophisticated tennis player. If you’re looking for classic, casual good looks then these babies with retro denim jeans and the right shirt would look really good. Sort of a bubbly indie look. These are the SeavVees Vintage Shirting Fabric plimsols. I haven’t seen these around anywhere personally but since I came across them online I just had to put them up. They sport a cool canvas look that seems ideal to loaf about in.


Well here again we see that Nike manages to take us back to old school (I’m so bad at this). These sneakers fall under the new Dunk Low Vintage Pack. They’re a blast from the past and they consist of four pairs that define the 80’s. They range from the classic Lakers’ gold and purple look to the Knicks orange and white home colors. They’re already out in all Nike retail stores.

Well I guess my perception on classic shoes have changed for the better. These babies are always going to be in style or atleast till the world ends in 2012!

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