The Art of Wearing Flip Flops

Written by  Robert Moses
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The great thing about flip flops is that they are comfortable to wear, have the capacity to be stylish, and can also accentuate beautiful feet. But sadly a lot of men think flip flops are too casual and just throw on anything that they find and go out.

Flip Flops should be worn according to what clothes you’re wearing. For example, if you were wearing shorts with a shirt, then flip flops would do good, but if you were wearing an open button shirt with long pants, then I suggest something more “strappier” like sandals.

Flip Flops are the easiest thing to wear. The only problem with them is that they can be over used. So if you’re a regular at wearing flip flops, ensure that you have an array of pairs of them just to be on the safe side. They also need a lot of cleaning as they can collect dust fairly easily. Nothing looks shabbier than a pair of worn down flip flops when your trying to beat the summer heat.

Guys, remember that your flip flops can still reflect part of your style du-jour, They even make your calves look sexier than they actually are. I know a lot of people assume that flip flops are never stylish and are just a thing you throw on for convenience sake, but throwing on things for convenience sake is still an art that one must know how to master. So give it a practice run initially and see how things go from there. If you’re comfortable with the way you look, then cool, but if you think sandals seem a lot more your style then go with the sandals. My idea of dressing has always been to take the time to analyze what looks good on you rather than what you saw the mannequin at the shop wearing.


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