She’ll Be Leaving With You

Written by  Sophie Sieck
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sexy girls drinking

The amount of times I have witnessed a man crash and burn for the simple reason he just does not understand what to do when trying to attract females is simply awful. Despite all this talk about women being so complicated there are a few things that every single person one will fall for. Lucky for all of you out there I happen to a) be a woman and b) have a lot of girlfriends who love to be seduced.   So here they are, a few simple tricks and an eye in to what women want, to ensure you won’t be leaving alone tonight.

1. Let’s begin before you leave the house. Take a shower and dab on that delicious cologne. It’s that simple. Women love a man that smells nice. I will usually do a double take on the street if i pass a man that smells particularly amazing, add a few drinks to the equation and you can’t lose.

2. Dress to impress. Women aren’t interested in seeing your underwear, undershirt, and especially not your stomach. Make sure your clothes match and fit properly. There is nothing sexier than a man who can dress himself and looks like he cares about what he looks like before he leaves the house.

3. Once your out, look like you’re having a good time. Smile and laugh with your friends. Nobody wants to talk to that guy in the corner who looks miserable and would rather be watching television with his mother. Plus, a good smile is a surefire way to get a woman to notice you.

4. When you’re ready to make a move just throw a little eye contact her way. You’ll know if she’s interested because she’s already looking at you. Don’t make eye contact seven times, that’s creepy. Just two or three times and then approach her, she’s ready.

5. Make her chase you. If you’re too forward she’ll get bored, and nobody likes to be bored. Think back to fifth grade teasing if you don’t understand. Not too much or you’ll look like an ass and she will walk away.

None of this is new information, you had this in your arsenal all along, now go put it to use. If it doesn’t work I will take personal responsibility, but I would leave with any guy who put all five of these things into effect.

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