Nothing Wrong with the Metrosexual Man

Written by  Elizabeth Gutierrez
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It's ok to be Metro

There is a long running open debate surrounding men and the style in which they dress. Crossing the fine line is the term metrosexual. How we dress defines us. Our style defines our friends, our social status and even how women may view you.

How you take care of yourself is also tilting towards an area of grey men often don’t want to venture into (or even for the benefit of our article we’ll label it “crossing into shades of pink”). Some heterosexual men consider those men who groom themselves, wear pink or even wear very trendy styles of shoes; gay. Now, nothing against gay men, but just because a man takes care of himself and looks great, doesn’t mean he jumps into bed with the same sex.

The funny thing is, often times the man in the pink shirt is the one surrounded by all the ladies. Women love a man with confidence and what better way to show your confidence than to walk into a bar wearing a pink shirt. Of course we love to know that the men we are being romantic with will be there for us when the situations get tough, but I’m sure the fact that his eye brows are trimmed will not automatically cast him under the “coward” category.

Consider this: Women love looking sexy and taking care of themselves. It’s how we keep your eyes and attention on us. We get our nails done, groom and wear clothes that will turn your attention on us as we walk by. Why not return the favor? Be brave. Get the nasty black dirt under your nails taken care of, trim that beard and for the finishing touch add a great pair of trendy shoes.

You won’t be the only man looking great. After all don’t turn a blind eye at how women love the likes of David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman. Look at the women standing at their side. Can you find anything wrong with that outcome?


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