Cedric The Entertainer, Clothing Tips for Larger Men

Written by  Robert Moses
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Cedric the Entertainer

fashion tips for larger men

Well then, being a relatively large person myself, I’ve always found that trying to look good in something can be quite hard because every time I walk into a store, whatever I try on either looks too baggy on me or it accentuates my curves and especially my big beer belly. But, if there is one big man out there who knows how to dress, that would have to be Cedric “The Entertainer”. The man inspired me not to get intimidated every time I walked into a store. I’m not much of a fashion junkie myself, but I’ve learned that with just a few tips kept in mind, every larger man, no matter what his size can look just as smoking hot as every other ripped twink that there is out there.

Well, then I guess we can start with the pants first. The first thing to understand about pants when buying them is to never pick anything that’s way too big. You might think that your big ass is well covered but buying big baggy pants only makes them look bigger. The baggy look may work if you’re wearing sneakers or other such shoes but I’d leave that up to your own discretion.

The trick to trying to buy decent pants is to analyze where most of your height comes from. Your torso or your legs? Then try to balance the two out. If you have a large torso then try to compensate for this by wearing a short coat. However if it’s your legs, then opt for pants that are cut slightly trim and straight. It is a myth that front pleats should be avoided by chubby guys, but front pleats actually help conceal a paunch.

As far as shirts go, try buying shirts that pass evenly across your man boobs and do not tuck under them, this usually comes from tucking in your shirt properly or by just the general fit of the shirt itself. You might want to check that out for yourself when buying a shirt. As far as t-shirts go, don’t be afraid to try on something a little baggy, something that falls over your belly fairly well. Try to look for something that comes across your shoulders fairly comfortably and the end of the sleeve should come just slightly above your elbow. It’ll make it look as though you have a decent bicep but still covers the rest of your arm (If you’re worried about showing
your chubby arms).

Designs on shirts can be used such as pleats but since I like larger men myself, I think single colors look best on guys as it shows off a nice broad chest as well. If you’re very concerned about your size, then you could buy vertical stripes that help conceal the curves on your body

I cannot stress the importance of buying decent underwear. When going out, refrain from wearing boxers as it gives your ass an ugly lumpy look. Wearing tight underwear gets rid of those dimpled fat outlines that are clearly visible outside the underwear. But if you’re like me and hate wearing tight underwear, then opt for something that’s a bit more comfortable, something that’s not too tight on the crotch and doesn’t leave elastic marks on your skin. A lot of guys and girls like to slip their hands into the back pockets of their partners when getting cuddly with them, so there’s nothing sexier than a smooth big ass that doesn’t find in his/her hand.

As far as hair styles are concerned, an afro seems to suit my body type so I stick with that. If you have a lot of face fat, then I suggest you go with a neat formal look, something short and smart but not military. Think of a hairdo that’ll make your partner want to run their hands through, and last but not the least get maintain that killer smile and that warmth in your eyes which everyone likes.

I cannot stress enough the importance of every big man being proud of his size. Besides, I just read an article that said that big boned men last longer in bed. Be happy with the size you are and don’t try to look for clothes that you saw the mannequin wearing at the shop. When shopping, be in the moment and try to look for something that can look good on your sexy self.


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