The Perfect Red Circle Fashion Show Charity Event

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Marv Valladares & Gabriela Schon

This past Friday Diaspora Models and Pinstripe Magazine teamed up to host a festive and philanthropic event in lieu of the March 11 tsunami and earthquake that claimed the lives 12,348 Japanese and foreign victims. For one night, fashion designers, entertainers, and corporate companies came together for “The Perfect Red Circle Fashion Show and Fundraiser.” The event took place at one of the most luxurious venues in the meatpacking district, The Griffin and 100% of the proceeds that were raised that night is going to the Red Cross to benefit tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan.

International fashion designers and models were present. The designers that presented their S/S 2011 or F/W 2011 collection included: Jorge Afanafor (Bogota, Colombia); Claire Burroughs Perez (New York, NY); Minna Kao (Brooklyn, NY); Stacy Lomman (New York, NY); Bridal designers Liz Fields and Alisa Koysman of Alisa Brides; and male designers Fusion Apparel and Inks Label. In addition to Pinstripe’s and Diaspora’s fashion show, guests enjoyed an evening of music by DJ Deesh aka “Big Hindu,” live entertainment by Adam Barta, Noztra and Laura Lee Summerhill.

“We came out with the name ‘The Perfect Red Circle’ Fashion Show, taking in consideration that there is a perfect red circle on the Japanese flag, which represents the ‘red rising sun’.” said Marvin O. Valladares, president and lead editor at Pinstripe Magazine. “The outcry of support for victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake is immensely inspirational and we wanted to use our network and lifestyle to make a difference and raise money for the Red Cross, the world’s largest and effective not-for-profit organization.” See pictures of the event below.

Photography by Ron Lee for Pinstripe Magazine
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