Art Crush – Forget Arm Candy, It’s Time To Get Yourself Some Wall Candy

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Welcome to the new era of pop culture- full of innovative extras, bright colors, luxe living, and a million ways to be distracted. Every runway from NY to Milan is drenched with sunny hues, neon brights, high contrast patterns, and eccentric design. The same trends are spilling over into the art world, and the new generation of artists are coming up with innovative ways to make it their own– the “new pop” movement is in vogue and building steam. It can be tricky to figure out how to make a lasting investment in trend items of the moment, so unless collecting couture or high-price items is part of your financial reality a better approach is collecting art. Not only is it a good way to dress up your walls, but a small investment now can dress up your wallet down the line.

One of the members of the much buzzed about “new pop” generation art scene is artist Stamatis Papadimos. His art exudes a mash up of understated cool, fun, and technical complexity, and his vibrancy as a person carries over into the intensity of his art. His use of graphic prints, bold color, and social references, has earned him a loyal following on both sides of the Atlantic. With a strong splash of eye popping talent his affordable prints are a bargain for the new art buyer.

Stamatis, like other up-and-comers, has a knack for layering irreverent humor with technical talent, and combining them to stunning effect in creating one of a kind pieces. Best of all most of these new artists are part of a growing international community opting out of the tribal gallery world. This means their art, and their prices, are very accessible, and they are free to set their own standards about the art they choose to make. Most 2D media artists have limited editions prints and lithographs for sale, which are an extremely affordable way to get a great piece of art without breaking the bank!

The modern art collector, just like the new generation of artists, needs to wander outside of convention, and rely on their own aesthetic standards. At the end of the day it pays to invest in statement pieces that are part of the hottest trend at the coolest prices.

TRANSKURDISTAN, C. Print on Paper 16” x 39”, $325TRANSKURDISTAN, C. Print on Paper 16” x 39”, $325

VOLUNTEERS, C. Print on Paper 23.5” x 39”, $370

VOLUNTEERS, C. Print on Paper 23.5” x 39”, $370

FOLLOW THE LEADER, Mixed Technique on Paper, 19.5” x 46.5”, $2,150

FOLLOW THE LEADER, Mixed Technique on Paper, 19.5” x 46.5”, $2,150

For more information or to purchase Stamatis Papadimos’ art:

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