5 Tips on How to Get Your Girl Back

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Adrienne Bailon and Robert Kardashian

No matter what your reason for breaking up with your girlfriend, the chances are that you may find yourself yearning for her presence in your life once again. However, you must realize that it is best not to touch raw wounds unless you are absolutely sure of your feelings for her. Also, it is easier to get back together if the parting was not bitter and the differences irreconcilable. In a nutshell, these are some of the factors to be borne in mind before taking the plunge once again.

  1. Introspect to find out the reason for the chinks in the relationship: It is important to understand the reasons for the breakup in the first place and then go about ascertaining whether they were trivial or valid. Try visualizing what your life would be like few years hence without your girl. If the very thought is scary, then it is time to make amends. Interact with people close to you and her and try and seek their opinions. Then only can you go about looking for the solutions to your problems.
  2. Be Patient: You must be patient in your quest to get your girl back as a lack of it will reflect you in very poor light and may actually end up distancing you further from her. Winning her back will require all the reserves of your patience and confidence. However, remember to keep all channels of communication open. Do not lose your cool if she does not seem too willing to answer your calls and e- mails. You must realize that she has also been through a lot and needs to cool off before making a fresh start.
  3. Be Honest to Yourself and Her and Make a conscious effort to change to woo her back: There could be a number of reasons for the breakup. On close scrutiny, you may find that it has something to do with your behavior like temper flare-ups, mood swings, acting cocky etc. The key lies in identifying the problem, admitting it and seeking help. This may give a fresh lease of life to your relationship.
  4. Unleash your Charm on her: A pleasing personality is a desirable trait and one that no girl will overlook in a hurry. Not only will it make you feel better about yourself but also tilt the scales in your favour. Also be lavish in your praises of her without going overboard so that she may find you charming and irresistible.
  5. Stay Busy with Other Things: Remember that time is a great healer and your girl will require time to accept you again and you must be prepared to wait. Meanwhile do not indulge in self-pity. Carry on with your daily life with your head held high and your dignity intact. She may be impressed with your never-say die spirit and come back to you.

Contributing Writer: Elias Cortez


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