Which Denim is Right For You

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Are you having a difficult time picking out a pair of mens jeans for going out, work or lounging? Well keep on reading because PinstripeMag will tell you what we think is right for you.

If you are under the age of 18 then we can’t stop you from wearing tight fitting skinny jeans or pants that hang from your A##. However, if you are over the age of 18 especially if you are in your 20’s then those types of jeans shouldn’t be seen on you at all. So, if you own any we suggest you give them to your little brother, nephew, cousin or Salvation Army.

The following mens jeans are the ones every man should have in their closet:

A pair of straight leg jeans – dark wash indigo denim is very important for going out at night and dressing it up with a collar shirt, blazer and some loafers and/or dress boots. These jeans can also be worn to work for casual Fridays and look great with a plain button down woven shirt tucked in. Investing in a pair of black jeans same fit is a very smart idea too.

So, you are going shopping, hanging out at a sports bar and/or just relaxing during the day with friends… a pair of relax fit jeans will work. This type of fit in any color is perfect for wearing under those cool tee shirts you have. However, please don’t go out wearing a pair of pink or red jeans unless of course you are a very stylish fashionista guy and know what you are doing. What’s cool about these relax fit jeans is that once you get tired of them you can always cut them down into shorts and they will always look great.

We are not a big fan of baggy and loose fit jeans, however, if you are a bigger man we suggest you go that route.

Now for those times when you want to feel hip, young and look stylish we recommend you get a pair of the baggy to tapered look denim. These jeans are slightly wider by the hips and then tapper as they go down to your ankle. Since we know you still want to look like you can pull off a pair of skinny jeans this is the perfect way to fake it.

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