How to Spice Up Your Apartment, Here are Some Tips on What to Do

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It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio or a huge house because the same formula applies to all types of homes. That formula is to have form plus function equal one luxury and relaxing retreat. Here are some tips of what to do inside your place to spice it up and have it become your inspirational citadel.

1. Decorate your walls
A painting above the bed says come in and welcome to my resting area. No matter how big your bed is a piece of artwork polishes the room. Also add some pictures in the hallway of family and friends. Everyone always wants to see a part of you and pictures hanging on the wall are a great way to tell a story about yourself.

2. Get creative with storage
Stowing your tools, party decorations, and any other possession under your bed is the oldest bachelor pad trick. However, want to store more under that bed then we suggest lifting it higher by putting your bed’s legs on wood or cement blocks so your storage bins can be higher. This will allow you get taller storage bins to and fit more.

3. Have your ornaments play a double role
Your decorations should be both functional and attractive. Get yourself a leather or wooden box, to add on your shelf. This looks masculine and can be used to store bills, pictures or small gadgets.

4. Consolidate your media
So many people love to have shelves for their books, their knickknacks and shelves for their DVDs and/or CDs. We suggest you have one central bookshelf, which holds all of your books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. That will give you more space and remove unnecessary bulkiness.

5. Use expandable furniture
Whether it’s a sofa-bed, or murphy-bed in the guest room both give you more space so your place doesn’t look so clutter. Why not also use a dining room table that extends out to a bigger table for those dinner parties when you are seating more than four.


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