Dating at Fashion Week

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone yet again. I had more of a working “holiday” as I was covering New York Fashion Week before, during and after V-day. Since I was around designers, models and some mini-celebs, I decided to do some research on love, dating and sex since I was tripping the light fantastic around what other people may consider their ideal dates.

At the Mik Cire show, a great menswear designer I caught up with some of his models backstage to talk about what these young men are looking for in their ladies. Berthold, a lanky, long-haired fellow was what they described to me jokingly as their “bitch shield.” In order for him to let down his guard and want to engage in a convo with a girl what would it take? “Someone who has good energy and can be natural. I want to talk to someone who wants to talk. Not someone looking to get a date with me. And she has to have great eyes.” A.J. and Tobias also agreed with the “great eyes” comment. Mr. A.J. is looking for someone that is charismatic and has that X-factor. I know, I know, not very specific but we all remember those people we’ve met along the way that have that, oh, I don’t know, a certain, “je ne sais quoi.” “She also has to be able to hold a good conversation,” he adds. Tobias is more fun-loving. “I really like a lady with charm. Someone with a clever wit that we can laugh together.” His type? “I like a classy girl with an edge.” Corey chimed in that he’d just like someone fun to hang out with, preferably with red hair. Will, obviously the comedian of the group wants a microbiologist that can quote the whole script to The Big Lebowski and whose last name is preferably “Jagger.” I’ll get right on that for you Will… When asked what they liked their ladies dressed in Tobias, Corey and Will answered respectively, “jeans and a tank top or C.K. pjs,” “sweats and a T-shirt with a Yankee’s cap” and “a T-shirt and boxers.” See ladies?! Even the models like a downhome, natural look and vibe to their potential suitors. So ditch the LBD and go with the C.K. T!

Jeannie Ortega, a songstress and actress who opened up for Rihanna on her 2008 tour was nice enough to spend some time answering my only mildly probing questions. The Latina chanteuse describes her perfect man as “A God fearing man. Someone who is compassionate, confident and clean.” The clean comment through me a bit so I asked her to elaborate. “Don’t have bad breath! It’s my number one pet peeve! Also, his shoes should be ‘not wrecked.’ Make sure they look good.” Alas, I am guilty of wearing my shoes down to the nubs sometimes. Physically what catches her eye about the XY chromosoners? “I like a good strong jaw. Also a strong chest and shoulders.” Adding to what I’ve seen as a growing trend among males she likes facial on her men. Hmmm…. I might have to look her up once my chin-strap beard fills in!

At Richie Sambora’s line WTB’s afterparty I met Paola and Martha, a beautiful mother-daughter pair who looked more like sisters. Martha, who was divorced in 2001 took about 2 years to get back into the dating scene. Previously she liked her men “tall, dark and handsome” and was a sucker for good hands. After a brief cougar phase she has settled back down to looking for someone to spend a long time with. The biggest thing that she says has changed for her is that she has now says she has no type. “I look for a man that is smart and has a quick mind. I need to feel comfortable with him. He needs to have a good heart. I am not so conservative anymore but anyone who talks too much about their past life is definitely a turn-off for me.” Her lovely daughter Paolo says she is a sucker for the “Brad Pitt / pretty boy type.” And while she likes to gander at men’s gams and guns what really gets her going is someone “genuine, sweet and outgoing.” She then shares with me that she just got engaged! (Congrats girl!) Okay Paolo, so what did this guy have that made you sure you wanted to stay with him forever? “He has always been there for me and my family. Also, he’s great at remembering details.” Okay boys, the ladies always say it’s about the little things, but here it is straight from the, uh, gorgeous equine’s mouth.

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Hunt Ethridge
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