The Rooster Drink by Wild Turkey Bourbon

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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The Rooster

Sunday night is here and with no more football, odds are you’re going to be crowded around the TV as women ooh and ahh at stylish dresses and long speeches. You’re probably going to want a drink. But why not show a modicum of Oscar spirit without having to bury your masculinity, by saluting the manliest character up for honors from the Academy, Marshall Rooster Cogburn of True Grit.

Rooster Cogburn makes Tango and Cash look like Thelma and Louise, and if there’s anyone you want to have a toast to tonight, it’s him. So Pinstripe Magazine and the people at Wild Turkey came up with a cocktail to celebrate our pick for Best Actor, and maybe take the edge off of having to watch the acceptance speech for Best Sound Mixing.

The Rooster
1 1/2 oz Wild Turkey 101
1/2 oz cinnamon schnapps laced with gold flakes
4 oz Sarsaparilla or any root beer
Salted rim (provides the grit!)



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