The Real Shaving Company – Shave2 Cream, Hot Towel Mask and more

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Classic shave
Guys, are you looking for something to make shaving easier? I know I hate shaving and usually can only shave after I get out the shower. However after trying out the products from The Real Shaving Company like their Hot Towel Mask and Shaving Cream shaving feels a lot better. And, switching to a super concentrated formula (which you need less of) will help save money on grooming products while getting you the seriously close shave you’re looking for beneath all that lather.

Check out The Real Shaving Company’s double-concentrated Moisturising Shave2 Cream below. Using just a small amount will give lather-lovers their fill, and the formulation is packed with good-for-you ingredients – Coconut Oil provides natural antioxidant support while it protects and heals, Cocoa Seed Butter delivers immediate moisture absorption and Tea Tree Oil helps condition skin and reduce discomfort and irritation. Not only do you need less of the product to get a luxurious lather and close shave without irritation, the moisturizing and healing benefits might even tempt you to abandon aftershave and moisturizer, simplifying your grooming routine and lowering its cost!

Real Shaving Company Shaving Cream