Most Manly Jobs – Are they Dangerous?

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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#1 Firefighters Make a call and he’s there. And he means business: walking in slow-mo, wielding an ax, framed by a flaming backdrop of explosive awesomeness. Women fall at his feet, half hypnotized, half suffering from smoke inhalation. But you get the picture. Hot.

Firefighters tend to break down chunks of buildings to get to the people inside. It’s sort of their thing. But, little do they know that inside the walls of old houses is a mineral called asbestos. When inhaled, it causes a deadly cancer. Mesothelioma symptoms are hard to catch. Watch out, Firefighters. It’s dangerous out there.

#2 Pilots If you’ve seen Top Gun, you know there’s something to those leather-jacketed studs. They’re masters of precision and control, but they’ve got those reckless streaks that women find magnetic. A killer combo of stealth and confidence.

But pilots, especially small craft pilots, often fly in less than pleasant conditions. Those tiny planes are light and intricate, and the smallest problem leads to a towering explosion of metal and pilot. 87.8 of every 100,000 pilots don’t make it down alive.

#3 Fishermen A deep tan and windblown hair, fisherman take command of the most fickle mistress there is. Fearlessness and sea legs that could walk on water make these rugged guys irresistible. There isn’t much more tempting than a sea-bound prince charming who knows what he’s doing.

But with heavy machinery, vast oceans, and slippery decks, fishing can be treacherous. In fact, fishermen have among the highest mortality rates of US professionals. It’s a tricky business and one mistake means never tasting that salty sea air again.

#4. Ranchers The freedom of open land and the simple life. There’s just something about the attitudes these guys carry. A tip of that and half a smile is enough to win the heart of any onlooker. ranchers can think what they want and ride where they please. Who wouldn’t want to go with them?

These guys are exposed to so much ultraviolet radiation under that blazing sun that skin cancer is definitely a concern. Though sunscreen helps, they’ve got to keep on constant watch for skin-related anomalies..

#5 Marines Marines get respect. And sabers. And uniforms. They can make their own beds and fold their own clothes. If ladies want to feel safe and dangerous at the same time, the arms of a burly, well-groomed, highly trained killer might be perfect. Semper fidelis. Always faithful. Can I get a Hoo-rah?

Marines spend a lot of time away from the homes they’re protecting. The first to go in and the last to come home, the end is always on their minds; it’s always a possibility. And it’s often a reality.

Contributing Writer:
Eric Stevenson
A health and safety advocate who resides in the South Eastern US.
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