Hayden Christensen & Will.i.am wear Royal Elastics Laceless High-Tops

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Actor Hayden Christensen seen above and signer Will.i.am love wearing their Royal Elastics sneakers.

After wearing a pair of Royal Elastics high-top sneakers from their Fall/Winter collection I totally fell in love with them since these stylish sneakers are so easy to wear, look great under my jeans and I don't have to worry about shoe laces getting untied. Royal Elastics is on the cutting edge of the trend.

With the King Supa-Hi and the Prince Albert Hi, Royal Elastics has applied their own unique concept — that of the shoe where elastic replaces the need for laces. These statement shoes are on-trend, yet so stripped down and basic that they're sure to become staples of your winter wardrobe. Added bonus: the elastic tops are adjustable, so you don't need to worry about wet feet in any weather. See both the King Supa-Hi and the Prince Albert Hi on the next page.



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