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Step Out of the Cold and Stop In for a Sip at NYC Hot Spots!

If you know me well then you know I am a whiskey drinker. So if you are sick of the snow and the blistering cold we've got you covered with a variety of hot spots pouring Whiskey and Brandy around the city that will bring the blood back to the tips of your toes. 

SHO Shaun Hergatt (The Setai Wall Street, 2nd Level, 40 Broad Street, 212-809-3993, www.shoshaunhergatt.com) boasts an impressive list of artisanal Japanese, Irish, Scottish, American, Bourbon and Rye Whiskey as well as a variety of Brandy that will make your cheeks rosy like jolly ole Saint Nick. If you want something with a little holiday spice and bubbly to go with your Whiskey, try the Caulfield and Rye, a cooling combo of Rye Whiskey, Falernum (with flavors of almond, ginger and clove), Allspice, Honey, Lemon and Champagne. If you’re more of a brandy-kinda-guy, try the Cran-hattan with Craft Brandy, house-made Cranberry Syrup, Antica Formula Vermouth and Bitters.

For all the theatre goers and Times Square shoppers, Carmine’s (2450 Broadway, 212-362-2200; 200 West 44th Street, 212-221-3800, www.carminesnyc.com) is there with a full bar. Listen to Sinatra’s rendition of “Let It Snow” and try Sinatra’s Iced Tea with Rye 1 Whiskey, Martini Bianco, Maraschino Cherry Liqueur and Lemon. The cocktail’s balance of sweet and sour as well as Sinatra’s suave taste will convince you into enjoying a mid-day buzz.


The Holiday Market at Union Square will be open for a few more weeks, but it sure does get cold! Luckily, husband-and-wife team Chef Marco Moreira and Jo-Ann Makovitzky’s Tocqueville (1 East 15th Street, 212-647-1515, www.tocquevillerestaurant.com) and 15 East (15 East 15th Street, 212-647-0015, www.15eastrestaurant.com) are right around the corner. Come into Tocqueville, sit at the bar and enjoy a Whiskey with a Union Square Greenmarket-inspired snack. Or walk next door to 15 East and treat yourself to the exotic flavor of Japanese Whiskey. A single malt or blended Japanese Whiskey is the perfect pair with the best sushi in the area.

Turn the corner into the West Village and stop by Entwine (765 Washington Street, 212-727-8765, www.entwinenyc.com) for a snack and a cocktail. The Sazarac Cocktail is a deadly combination of Rye Whiskey, Absinth, Pechaud’s Bitters, and Simple Syrup. If you haven’t eaten anything all day, you should probably pair the cocktail with Entwine’s Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Chili Mayo.

A few streets away, 10 Downing (10 Downing Street, 212-255-0300, www.10downingnyc.com) is offering Whiskey cocktails such as the Morris Park. In the cocktail named after the Bronx neighborhood, the Irish (Jameson Whiskey) and the Italian (Aperol) actually get along. And if you take a break from the cold and enjoy a core-warming Whiskey or Brandy with your holiday shopping partner, chances are you’ll get along too.



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