ViewSonic Show’n Go 3DV5 3D HD Camcorder

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New in the world of frivolous but awesome gadgets is ViewSonic’s Show’n Go DV5 3D HD Camcorder.

Viewsonic announced its presence back in September at the IFA trade show in Berlin, when it was projected to set customers back $300.

Today, it’s thankfully just over half of that number on the market ($180), and although you probably don’t have that 3D HDTV setup in your living room yet, think about it: a palm-sized, sleek camcorder with twin 5 megapixel sensors, 720p video recording, 3D still image capture, SD storage, HDMI output, and a 2.4” screen that instantly plays back 3D images in 3D sans glasses, and have we mentioned 3D? This little gadget’s built-in intuitive and intelligent ArcSoft software also allows you to share your new video of the dog chasing its tail or your buddy picking a wedgie in 3D on YouTube 3D with one click.

Okay, you’ll need the red/cyan glasses when you want to enjoy your 3D videos and images on your PC or notebook, but bonus, the glasses are included. That’s service and maybe a little unnecessary.

The main selling point of this toy is that—guess what—it’s 3D capable, but also that it works with you in a snap and without hiccups so you don’t look like an idiot showing it off to your co-workers. It’s bound to get you some raised brows and “I’ve heard of these!” reactions, at least until everyone else has one.

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Maria Rainier
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