Top 5 Ways to Revamp Your Look for a Date

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Are you one of the many guys who adopted a look you liked in the third grade and then figured, why ruin a good thing? Or perhaps you actually try to follow fashion trends, but always seem to make some sort of blunder that blows your image (just because Andre 3000 can pull off plaid and argyle in the same outfit doesn’t mean every man can). Maybe you simply can’t get over the fact that fashion doesn’t make any sense (socks with sandals is both practical and comfortable, so why does everyone have to hate on the look?). Whatever your fashions missteps, you may have discovered that your love life is suffering from your inability to put together an attractive and modern look. So if you want the ladies to clamor for your attention instead of the other way around, here are a few ways to update your look and wow the next woman you take out to dinner.

1. Get a haircut. Long hair is definitely a look, but you have to fit one of several types if you want to pull it off (rock star, aging hipster, or sensitive ponytail gay, although the last one is dubious). You should also know that if you are experiencing a mass exodus of hair from your dome, the worst possible thing you can do is grow it long and comb it over! Short hair or a complete cue ball is preferable. But if you have a moderate amount of silky waves, just make sure your mane is modern, flattering, and clean. A stylist can help you in all of these areas.

2. Consider your facial hair. In case you haven’t heard, beards are out, Grizzly Adams (this applies to Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, and any other yahoos looking to revive the mountain man look)! If shaving gives you unsightly razor burn that nothing seems to combat, then at least keep your facial hair neatly trimmed and short enough that food crumbs don’t get caught in it. And don’t neglect your eyebrows, nose, and ears. Gnarly troll hair growing out of every orifice may be the way God made you, but if you want to get a girl, you’re going to have to keep it in check.

3. Take note of your hygiene. You don’t need to smell like you just stepped out of a flower shop, but a clean, fresh appearance and a signature scent that’s not too overpowering are a good way to get a lady interested without making her gag. You can’t go wrong with modern classics from Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, or Ralph Lauren. When in doubt, ask a woman in a store for her opinion.

4. Get a new outfit. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit to impress most women, but dressy casual is always preferred. Showing up in torn jeans and a concert tee might be terribly cool when you’re 16, but a mature man should wear nice jeans or trousers, a polo or oxford shirt, and possibly a sport coat to round out the look. Shoes should be of the loafer, boot, or dress variety.

5. Display confidence. There’s no better enhancement to your ensemble than confidence. Sometimes it is enough to overcome other flaws and it always improves your appeal considerably. So wear it often and wear it well.

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