Harley Davidson SuperLow – Affordable Bikes for Young Adults

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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More and more young guys are purchasing Harleys so Harley Davidson has cracked the code on easy-handling, affordable ride for young adults. Since the weather isn't that cold yet there is still time to ride and get on a Harley that is comfortable and looks cool too. Check out the SuperLow, the most confidence-inspiring Sportster yet, plus doesn't cost much. You can pick one up for approx $8000.

Harely-Davidson engineers incorporated several design and technological enhancements into the SuperLow, giving it all the badness of a slammed, low ride and none of the punishment. The SuperLow offers a super smooth ride from generous wheel travel with a low-profile Michelin radial rear tire, long-travel shocks and springs to help soak up bumps and give the bike a soft saddle feel. See more on the next page.



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