Hebru Brantley & Christophe Roberts exhibition at Lyons Wier Gallery

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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BRANTELY.FrontDoor, BackDoor, InHouse, OutHouse 58x66 mixed media media
Thursday Pinstripe Magazine visited the Lyons Wier Gallery to see the works of two brilliant artist, Hebru Brantley and Christophe Roberts. Their work exhibition dates are from September 10th – October 11, 2010. These are two artist worth knowing about since their culture is definitely seen in their craft.

Hebru Brantley’swork explores the stereotypes and racist propaganda found in American mass media, such as early Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons. What emerges is an intelligent and vivid deconstruction of America’s social history and the chilling possibility that we have all in someway been infected by the same subliminal, racially insensitive media virus.

By collecting and re-purposing Nike shoeboxes, Christophe Roberts creates striking and meaningful life-size sculptures of wild animals that invite the viewer to consider the environmental impact of the production, sale and consumption of consumer goods.

Made with found materials, spray paint, cardboard and glue, minus the aid of blueprints, Roberts’ beasts are constructed in a freestyle manner from the depths of the artist’s imagination. The sculptures can at once be viewed as visual metaphors for consumerism and society’s general disregard for its wastefulness. Nike’s main advertising pitch aims at convincing the public that their product can impart health, physical acumen and sexual allure. However, the by-product of this positioning is tons of waste generated by the disposal of the packaging itself. See more from both artist on the next page.

BRANTLEY.Oh Lawd- Katrina's First prayer 36 x 26
BRANTLEY.Lady Sings the Blues, Paints Town Red 41.5x50 Mixed Media


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