How to keep things HOT in the bedroom and out

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Are you feeling like your relationship has no romance anymore or never did? Well here are some 5 tips on how to keep things Hot in the bedroom and out. Follow the tips on the next page and we are sure your girl/wife will be wanting more and bringing a smile to your face, making every day a happy one.  

1. Start the day special
While your significant other is in the shower in the morning, take a towel and warm it up in the dryer. It’s a simple way to show how much you care. 

2. Short and Sweet
Leave love notes in surprising places like in a coffee mug or on the steering wheel. Don’t be afraid to make them steamy – letting them know how much they turn you on will have them yearning for the night all day long. 

3. Small gift Mondays
No one likes Mondays. Give your lover something to look forward to by surprising each other with small gifts on the first day of the week, be it favorite flowers, meeting at the driving range with a bucket of balls, or picking up a Pleasure Pack or Vibrating Ring Kit from LifeStyles Condoms and making Monday the best night of the week. 

4. Make his/her pleasure your priority
Not every man is as skilled in bed as his lover may lead him to believe. Heat things up for her with LifeStyles Excite Gel, get closer with THYN or SKYN condoms to get closer under the sheets (keeping sex safe and fun with the closest thing to wearing nothing), or change things up with the KYNG condom to make him feel like, you know, a king! 

5. Play it cool
An all out romantic night can be intimidating. If your intention is too overt, your lover may feel pressured to get in the mood and pretend like they’re having a good time. Keep the atmosphere relaxed. Go ahead and buy some special wine, but stop short of ambushing them before dinner with a can of whipped cream and that creepy grin.

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